Stones on Walls:
the future of stone.

Real stone, thin & flexible

Stones on Walls is an innovative real stone veneer consisting of an ultra-thin natural stone layer and a carrier reinforced with glass fibres or cotton.

We have developed a special process to produce many wafer-thin slabs from the most beautiful stone blocks in the world. Each of these slabs is unique and handcrafted in over 12 processing steps.
Despite its lightness, Stones on Walls stone veneer retains the feel and look of a solid stone slab. At the same time, our stone veneer is only approx. 1.5 mm thin and even flexible!

Discover currently more than 70 different decors with unique colours and patterns in our stone veneer range:
We offer not only slate, but also limestones, sandstones and even marble for your individual building project!

The all-rounder among stone veneers :

Stone Veneer Classic has a 100% natural stone surface and, thanks to its fiberglass backing, is extremely robust and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Its thin overall thickness of only about 1.5 mm also makes it extremely lightweight, easy to work with on almost any surface and can even be laid around curves if required.

Use Stone Veneer Classic both indoors and outdoors for wall cladding, flooring or as a backsplash in your kitchen.
Even extraordinary living environments in stone in wet areas such as bathrooms or showers are possible with Stone Veneer classic!

Quick & easy to the perfect stone experience

With Stones on Walls, you are choosing a quality product that has been thoroughly tested in all its components – both in our own internal test laboratory and by external testing institutes.

Thanks to the unique properties of Stones on Walls, such as the low overall thickness of just a few millimetres and the low weight, our stone veneers can also be processed easily and conveniently – regardless of being a professional or the ambitious amateur craftsman.