Basic characteristics of our stone types:


SLATES have a somewhat softer stone surface and captivate with their richness of color as well as constantly
changing patterns and structures.


MYCAS usually have a somewhat rougher surface with homogeneous patterns.
A special eye-catcher is the glossy effect, which is created by the natural quartzite content in the stone.


LIMESTONES are characterized by a rather smoother surface with relatively homogeneous patterns and structures.
Limestones are not suitable for outdoor and wet areas!


SANDSTONES captivate by a slightly rough, rather grainy surface with slight differences in height.
The sandstones can have partially smaller elevations with greater overall thickness!


MARBLES captivates by its surface with different and constantly changing patterns and structures. Strong grains and
elevations in the surface are typical characteristics. The marbles are rough as cleavage and show partial structures
with greater overall thickness, as well as a stronger overall tension in the sheet!

Exterior facades with natural stone

The ETICS façade (external thermal insulation composite system) is the most common type of façade and the easiest way to create an exterior façade with thin natural stone from Stones on Walls.

Simply use our stone veneers like normal facing bricks as the final top layer of the ETICS façade and your home will shine in new splendor!

Natural stone highlights for every room

Whether your style is timeless or modern, our collection of over 70 exquisite stone veneers can swiftly elevate any space. From serene hues to dynamic patterns, Stones on Walls thin veneers promise eye-catching accents for every interior.

Bathroom design with real natural stone

Create unique wellness areas with the thin stone veneers from Stones on WallsStones on Walls is easily suitable for all kinds of wet areas such as bathrooms and showers, but also for saunas and in the pool area!

With Stones on Walls, you are choosing a quality product which has been put through its paces both in the internal test laboratory and by external testing institutes since 2002.

Real stone kitchen backsplash

Say goodbye to unloved old tiles in your kitchen in no time: With the thin stone veneers from Stones on Walls, you can renovate quickly & easily and create modern tile backsplashes and kitchen fronts made of natural stone!


By combining stone veneer with furniture, you can create custom pieces that reflect your personal style and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or eclectic look, the versatility of stone veneer allows you to bring your design vision to life with stunning results.

Fireplaces cladding with real stone

Create modern and elegant fireplaces, stoves and hearths with Stones on Walls thin stone veneers.
Stones on Walls is easily suited for use with masonry fireplaces or as a backerboard for Swedish stoves, freestanding fireplaces and other fireplaces:
Working in high load areas with high temperatures and heat near fires are no problem for Stones on Walls real stone decors!

Backlit stone for extraordinary light design!

Discover the magic of light and stone with the translucent stone veneers from Stones on Walls:

Cozy evenings in warm living room light with natural textures and pleasant plays of color, impressive plays of light and unique designs in business settings – everything is possible!
Our backlit stone veneers add quality and exclusivity to any room. Depending on which light source and light color you use, you set different accents.

On wich surface do the stone veneers adhere?

Our thin stone veneers are suitable for almost all substrates!
You can easily bond our stone veneers to these substrates, among others: Concrete, plasterboard, wood, metal, tiles, plaster, glass etc.

No special preparation is required for “stable” substrates: The substrate simply needs to be smooth, dust-free, clean and dry. Crumbling substrates such as old, flaking plaster or wallpaper that is already peeling off must be removed and primed in advance to ensure a permanent bond between the adhesive and the wall.
Excessive unevenness in the substrate must be smoothed out.

What standard sizes are available?

Our thin stone veneers are available in many different sizes, depending on the laying pattern and spatial effect you would like to achieve.

Our standard sizes are:

  • S // 30 x 60 cm (approx. 0.18 m²) *)
  • M // 122 x 61 cm (approx. 0.74 m²)
  • L // 240 x 120 cm (approx. 2.88 m²)
  • XL // 280 x 120 cm (approx. 3.36 m²)

Due to the ease of processing, our stone veneers can of course also be cut to any desired special size with millimeter precision.
If you do not want to cut and customize the material yourself, you can also have your desired decor produced directly in our store to the millimetre.

*) The 30 x 60 cm format is currently available in the Stick&GO! version with self-adhesive film in selected decors.

How can i cut Stones on Walls to size?

Cutting our thin stone veneers to size is extremely easy, and almost any standard DIY tool is suitable for this: You can cut Stones on Walls to the required size with millimeter precision using a hand or table saw, jigsaw or multitool.
Simply cut the stone sheet from the back using a wooden or plastic saw blade with medium teeth. If necessary, then lightly sand the cut edge with sandpaper.

How do I adhere the stone veneers?

Bonding the Stones on Walls stone veneers is very simple:
Simply apply the adhesive to the back of the stone sheet or directly to the mounting surface, press the stone veneers into place – DONE!

We recommend our Extreme Adhesive. This ready-to-use MS adhesive is simply spread with a B3 notched trowel. Make sure that the adhesive is evenly grooved and do not smooth it out.
Then press the stone veneer onto the desired area with light and even pressure or a pressure roller and that’s it!

To achieve an optimum result, work with a spirit level.
Adhesive residue on the sheet can be removed with our special cleaners.

Can I drill through Stones on Walls?

The stone surface of Stones on Walls can be drilled through with any standard (stone) drill.
Nailing and screwing is also possible without any problems.

Can I press a stone veneer onto other substrates?

Of course, you can also press Stones on Walls onto a variety of different substrates if required. These can include MDF, chipboard, plywood, multiplex, HDF or AluDibond.

We recommend the use of a backing paper of approx. 120 g/m² or another laminate (HPL) to avoid cupping due to the surface tension of the stone layer.

How do I protect the natural stone surface?

Depending on the installation location, you can use Stones on Walls without additional surface protection, for example in indoor areas with low levels of stress.
For applications in areas with high loads, such as the kitchen or in the shower and bathroom, we recommend using an additional impregnation or sealant.
This is usually applied to the stone surface with a foam roller in a criss-cross pattern; this can be done before or after installation.

For detailed instructions on the protective products, please refer to the respective data sheets.

How do I clean the stone surface?

Stones on Walls can be cleaned with all commercially available, non-corrosive household cleaners.
In most cases, clear water and a lint-free cloth or brush will suffice.

In outdoor areas, cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is also possible, but please observe the distance recommended by the appliance manufacturer when using it.