Improve the surround sound!

Our acoustic panels optimise the room acoustics for a stress-free room climate.

Just one wall is enough to achieve a clearly noticeable effect.

Exclusive, Sustainable & Practical

Our acoustic panels, based on function, design, quality and durability, not only add exclusivity and warmth to your home, but also contribute to a more sustainable world. All our wood comes from FSC-certified suppliers who show great consideration for the environment and social conditions.

What’s more, the panels offer endless design possibilities for walls and ceilings, while also having fantastic acoustic properties.

American Walnut

177,00 CHF255,00 CHF

Ash White

177,00 CHF255,00 CHF


177,00 CHF255,00 CHF

Oak Black

206,00 CHF295,00 CHF

Oak Grey

177,00 CHF255,00 CHF

Oak Greybrown

177,00 CHF255,00 CHF

Oak Light

177,00 CHF255,00 CHF

Oak White

177,00 CHF255,00 CHF


216,00 CHF304,00 CHF

Easy installation!

The acoustic panels can be screwed directly to walls and ceilings.

If you want to attach heavy objects to the panels, we recommend mounting the panels on a holding device instead.